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Futh her headquarters was established in Shanghai, 1999. Futh provides strategic planning, reorganization and marketing consulting. Futh is supporting in the decision making efforts of companies involved in today’s most dynamic industries. Our main objective is to improve operation effectiveness.  To give our clients the best consultants, our requirement for our employees are as following:

  •  Experience in at least 3 projects of management consulting, with high assessment by the client.

  •  Management education, minimum MBA degree.

  • Objectivity and professionalism

      For 6 years now Futh is working with many major companies in a wide variety of industries, as an effect of successes with smaller companies in the past and present as well. Some industries involved are: chemicals industry, real estate, computing, consumer goods, financial services, entertainment, manufacturing and retail. Some of our clients are: Shanghai Greenland Group, Guixi Fertilizer corp., Baosteel Group, Industry and Commercial bank of China Shanghai Branch,China United Engineering Corporation etc.. Our consultancy in following operations have proven to be effective and performable; corporate strategies, new market evaluations, new product launches, business planning, virtue production, RVA-model (related value added), performance measurement, compensation.

Futh’s perspective and rapid development has caught the attention of the public. It was awarded third generation for the management consulting company by the media in July 2000.  Which means that Futh gives a system solution to the companies and not only an idea or schedule. Often we are mentioned as the leading company by People's Daily,Jiefang daily, Scince&Technical Daily,Labor newspaper, Xinmin evening Newspaper. Some of our expert’s view’s are being published and focus of the issue by e.g. China security journal and business paper’s.

  Futh inhabits many talents, enhancing his firm strength and becoming a important precursor in China. We strive to be and to keep our outstanding and high reputation by demanding from our people to have the latest knowledge of the market, and that our solutions are based on good analyses, which means good listening to the client, practical utilization, objectivity and professionalism.


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